Eastcoastaquaculture - DiscountedPetProducts.Net are LIARS

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I am so sorry I didn't see this website prior to placing an order with this company!!I placed an order on August 4th and didn't receive my order until August 29th!

I also paid via Paypal and filed a complaint with them when I hadn't received my order. During this month I spoke with them numerous times and was lied to EVERY time. When it FINALLY came, the hermit crab shells were cracked. If you are smart you will NOT order from these liars.

They even went as far as to tell me the owner was a Pastor!!!! Well he must have said one heck of a prayer because my package was "lost" at the post office (a TOTAL lie) and then all of a sudden "POOF" it re-appeared. You'd think liars like this would atleast have their stories straight.

I'll pay double somewhere else before I ever give these liars another dime!!




i tried the number listed above by steve (Phone: (856) 327-0122) and it's now out of service.what a fraud!

i'm going to dispute the charge with my credit card company even though i'd rather just get what i ordered.they're horrible!


Similar experienec I am afraid. Ordered goods Augsut. No answer. Site says if you have a problem to do a "RMA/Problem ticket" but I cannot see where on earth you can do that. So I have sent three e-mails via their website so far and am about to do another.

As far as I can see they have stolen my money and ripped me off.



Quite honestly the worst customer service I have ever experienced.In fact there is no customer service.

After a week and a half still no sign of the product. i have emailed them EVERYDAY four days in a row, and there is no response. On my account there is no shipping number. Terrible.



We'll see how good your word really is, Mr.Carlo.

I'm still waiting for my package to arrive after placing the order on May 12, 2012.:roll


Nope.....i havent received my order yet .

I ordered on friday march 23 at 9:30 via paypal & 3 DAY SHIPPING

and today is march 30th and haven't received any of my orders.

I do not want to believe this is scam, but at least the company should get things right and give out orders i time.

An honest company is very different from a lazy and an inferior company who can't even be managed.

Also, I live in New Jersey.


I have the same issue.I ordered a product, they dont answer emails, they dont have a contact number, If you search Carlo Ayars he has several websites and addresses.

He is on facebook and lives in Franklinville NJ has several numbers 4 as a matter of fact. I still havent received my order or a refund.

On bbb he is listed as cant be found..He is a scammer.


I have used this website a few times now and disagree with these comments,when i emailed them they replied and the orders take a little while but thats cause i live in the uk i hav been very pleased with the products i received


I'm in the same boat as you all. The difference is that I am the one that will rock the boat over. At this moment, I'm taking a break from completing an affidavit. :grin

I ordered a product a week ago, and Have not received anything. They do not answer the phone or respond to emails. :x

Myself, as well as others have zero tolerance for games during this recession. :upset


More of the same. Except here is the physical business these crooks are in.

Name: Print-Craft

Street: 4 West Powell Street

Millville, nj 08332-2924

Phone: (856) 327-0122

See if carlo will answer this phone. I made my dispute with Paypal within 36 hours and got a refund within 3 weeks. They told me the items were on backorder. Funny that I had them shipped from a real site and even had a tracking number in three days.

Crooks for sure just stay away...


BS!!!!!!Stand by nothing!!!

The number is ALWAYS busy!!!

I ordered over a week ago and have yet to receive my items but not only that I haven't even gotten an email confirming delivery!!Tomorrow I will be contacting my credit card company and then the Better Business Bureau if I don't get some answers!


Order# 3175

Looks like I got taken as well. Order weeks ago and still no shipment received. When I first called I was told that the bedding was backordered and would be in later that week. Now I can't even get through because their phone is always busy. They also have not answer any of my emails. I'm going to put in a dispute with paypal the second I am done writting this.

STAY AWAY FROM discountedpetproducts.net


Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, Mexico #32667

More lies...I have emails with 3 different dates you told me it was shipped.The only reason I knew ANYTHING about my order was because I called constantly.

You never offered information unless I called. First I was told the cage was the hold up, then the bedding...always an excuse. If you want to run an "honest" company, then you shouldn't lie to your customers in emails. Feel free to contact me and I will be more then HAPPY to show you the lies.

If you want to talk about stretching things...calling what you did honest is a major stretch. Trust me people.

Do your research before ordering from this company.I definitely wish I had!!!

Lecce, Puglia, Italy #31770

You are stretching things quite a bit don't you think? Yes there was a problem with your order but we did not lie to you. You were told there was a hold up on one product as it couldn't be found to be packed. I was away (sickness in family) and pulled the very small item and put it on top of a montor so it wouldn't get lost. I put sticky notes on several computer so EVERYONE would know where to find it. That was my mistake as everyone totally ignored the stickies and no one could find the item where it usually would have been. I tried to make sure your order went smoothly but instead caused a good.

Yes this held up your order for a few days but it got straighten out. We didn't lie to you and told you on the phone exactly what happened.

Your order was shipped when we sent you the confirmation email. We only generate the shipping labels when the boxes are packed and ready to ship. Not before. We don't play games with shipping label. Unfortunately, your package did get loaded on the wrong truck by usps (with parcels) and did take the long way to you. We got informed of this and told you that also. We were told by usps it was being re-routed to you and you would have it in a day or two and you did get it as they said.

This is my company you ordered from and I'm not a pastor but a minister in the Catholic church. This really has nothing to do with your order and I'm not sure how you even knew this but I did want to correct you on that statement as there...

I try and run an honest company! Things do happen especially in shipping as we have no control over that. It's funny how you never hear good things about a company on sites like this but only from those who occasionaly have a problem! If there were an equal amount of "good" reviews you wouldn't even be able to find the bad ones as it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

When you ship a hundred packages a day the law of odds so to speak tell you there will be a problem with a package once or twice a week. When this happens we do what we can and try and get to the bottom of the issue as we did with your order. We don't just blow you off.

Anyway, if anyone has a question feel free to call us anytime 856-637-2588 as we stand by our service and products.

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Eastcoastaquaculture - Getting a Run-Around

Charlotte, North Carolina 0 comments
Not resolved

I have placed an order through EastCoastAquaCulture.com and have been waiting for almost three weeks for my purchase.I have received a couple emails from the CS@EastCoastAquaCulture.com and they have gone as far as filling out a USPS Pickup and provided a tracking #.

However the tracking number and package has not reached the USPS location as of yet and I am starting to really think it is a big run-around... Small bucks but I also asked them for some sort of confirmation so I could decide to order somewhere else.. I just want my part...

Silly people trying to do home business and can't manage it...

Review about: Uv Light Cover.

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